Friday, May 31, 2019

Know what people do! It can be crucial.

I was talking to a colleague around that artist problem we both had. We were working on the same project and the artist wanted more out things that could be really done. The biggest mistake was that the artist had skipped several good people and went after people that the artist thought where higher up. In reality, it was the opposite around. The persons the artist was going for were hot in the business year ago and now more considered done in the business. So, of course, the results were pretty mediocre, nothing we could really do, in this project the artist could choose themselves.

I guess it's a normal problem that artist have. They don't really know what people are doing and not doing. I got a call from another artist about their problems and in the conversation, we got down to that much of the stuff that was lacking was mainly done by the artist's former label. The artist fired the label because they thought the label wasn't doing anything. In reality, they did exactly what they should, maybe didn't do the extra stuff, but did quite much work and also had a lot of knowledge that now the artist had to figure out.

Suddenly the artist thought that I should help them with all this information. I explained if I should do that I need a contract with them and then after a while, they probably would grow tired of me. The problem was that they didn't understand what these different people were doing. Also how their network that they had built up where structured. A lot of the things that was lacking was done by the network. Then the artist got the brilliant idea to then build their own network. I guess they can do that but it will take years to get what they need and they need that in less than three months.

You really need to understand what people are doing and not doing.

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