Tuesday, May 21, 2019

Think of what song to play!

I'm gonna play my latest single. Yes, you have heard it so many Times during showcase festivals. Not the best choice in The showcase situation.

Why? Kind of easy. It's not all singles that actually works. Usually, if an artist release 10 singles just two get a good receiving. If it is a new single you are still testing it against the market. And during a showcase festival, your set time is limited. Not a place to test things go on safe cards.

Choose something that you really sure works. If you had a smaller hit with three singles ago choose that one to play on the showcase. Another reason is also the recognition factor. The new single is new, much more likely that the industry people you want to reach has listened on the songs that are most popular since these are mainly suggested on the sites. And its easier to pick up something if you have heard it before.

Yes, I know that all artists think that their latest song is the best since sliced bread. Still, the statistics are against that it is. So be on the safe side if you need to choose a song.

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