Monday, May 6, 2019

Your hubris will kill your career.

I was just on a showcase and ended up with some record labels. They discussed how they just dumped artist and how similar they were in the reason why between each other.

First, it was an artist that the label guessed that they wanted to work with them since they had really great success with some of their other artists. After three releases the artist started to get an attitude that he hadn't got millions of streams like the other two artists on the label. Of course, the label had over 20 artists and two yes had a lot of streams. Still, they were more famous and also releases with not that many streams. Still the artist just saw what he wanted to see. And now he suddenly had an attitude towards the label. They didn't like it and dropped him.

The other label had a band that never answered. Their attitude was carefree. Suddenly they thought they could record and release a single in one week, right when the label had quite lot to do. In best diva fashion they demanded stuff and got dumped.

The third was an artist that had all these feelings. If the label did things the artist always felt things and started to complain. In the end, the label grew tired and dropped the artist.

I guess hubris is getting you some time. Try not to have so much or you get dumped.

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