Tuesday, May 7, 2019

You need facetime not Facebook time.

A rather interesting discussion came up during Enea Springbreak, the importance of the physical meeting. It seems like some people mainly think if you are friends on Facebook its included in your network.

I feel that Facebook is a good tool to just keep up but the real stuff where things happen is live face to face. It is these situations you find these small but crucial leads that go to something bigger. Just the way people say stuff is reveling. All that is lost in social media.

And you can easily see when a person is out and network in a physical world move very much faster than the ones that rely most on social media contacts.

So if your manager, booker, record label only visit one event in the year and it's always the same, you probably have hit a dead end. If they do to many like me, well question if they get anything done. :-)

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