Wednesday, May 1, 2019

In Sweden the music industry is damn cowards

So it's 1 of may, workers day and also when you can protest. If I should go out and protest it would be that the Swedish music industry is a bunch of cowards. Sweden is a strange country. Some days ago they fired the head of the state theater for a mistake done by his predecessor. And the reason was that he didn't act on it fast enough suddenly when a tv documentary was broadcast about the old issue.

At the same time in the music industry, you have people convicted in court for bribing government officials. Not a single second thought that you probably should fire these people from sitting in boards inside the music industry? Here is no talk about it even in normal cases if a person in the highest position is caught red-handed would be treated as a disease. The banks have their lowest trust and they haven't done half the things these people have done.
When banks were discovered to laundry money people left the bank. In the music industry, people just put their heads in the sand and no ones even talk about leaving these organizations.

Yes, the Swedish music industry you are all damn cowards. And yes I will start talking about on international panels pretty soon.

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