Thursday, May 16, 2019

Yes you will be burned doing everything yourself.

I see it too many times. A young artist doing everything by themselves and running around like headless chickens. You usually see them for around two to three years then they disappear. Then they come in your social media feed complaining about how hard the industry is. How burned out they are. It's like they want it all and wants it now like Quen sang.

Theis mentality is taking quite many victims. Problem is actually that you try to run a whole business by yourself. An artist like U2 is employing several hundred people to do the thing they do. If you think you can that job your self you are crazy.

Even in small scale like you are when you start it's crazy to think that you can do everything.

So you need to choose your battles. The problem is that they choose the wrong ones. Goes all in for the fun stuff and forget the bring grinding that is needed. Or having an urge to control everything in minute detail and spending more time on checking then being productive. 

So keep calm. What is about going into a spin over trivial things outside your control.

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