Wednesday, May 29, 2019

Please tell me i'm good, the feeback game that now is economy.

"Here is a couple of new songs, please send feedback after you listened to them."

This line I quite often get in demos sent to us, or in other cases as well. I will tell why you don't get so much feedback. And why you are asking quite much. You might think that it's an easy thing and get you something since you have taken the time to send stuff to this company.

I get the feeling that many times this feedback stuff is mainly just for the artist to get someone to say it's a great song, probably the best since sliced bread. Unfortunately, in 99,9% it's never that good. If it was that good I would come back and want to have more or talk about giving that song out. The silence is usllay from the industry that the song is ok, but just ok. Before people actually wrote the bad things they found or gave bad reviews. Today no one really dares to do that. In the blog system, it's more like you get a review that is positive if they like it. If they don't you won't hear anything back.

Why don't we dare? I can just tell how many times I got yelled at after giving some real critics. I have also heard stories from my journalist friend how artist behaves like assholes just because they wrote a negative review on their last single

The second thing and probably the biggest issue of not giving feedback is that I'm very busy. All the tasks that give me money fill out my work day and more. I literally work already from eight in the morning until nine in the evening without any breaks. Then to demand that I should drop that work listens to a song I didn't ask for and write some critic around it. Yes, that is at least 20 minutes out of my work time I won't get any money from. Right now people have set in the system to get money for this feedback. Like Submithub and Music Xray where you pay a small amount to get some feedback from the people, you send to. Fair yes, but the feedback is mainly totally useless. It's just what some random dude that likes kind of strange music says. In one way asking for my feedback is kind of the same. I'm also a strange dude with some weird music taste.

It's another story if it is an artist signed to us. Then it's my job to get feedback. I also know the artist and know what to say or not. if it comes from a random person I really don't feel good giving the hardest stuff to them. Also when you do it, like saying, the recording is not that good, you get answers back around that and suddenly you are in a conversation helping this person to produce a record. And that I really don't have time to answer on

I don't mind listening to the song while I'm doing some repetitive work. Not just give a line back like a receipt that I have listened ( yes we listen to all things that come in, you don't want to miss that 0,1 % good music). But I guess 99% of the answer would be...Cool an ok song.

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