Wednesday, May 15, 2019

I just wanted to destroy the environment because it was so bad.

Lately, I have seen many artists with a strong belief in something that will definitely stop their careers.

One had a political view. The problem was it was so strong that every damn song was about the same matter. Remember Running Wild with their main singer Rocke 'n Rolf? Well, it was a German hard rock band only singing about pirates. In my home town, we had Kenneth and The Knutters who only sang about motorbikes. Funny for two songs then you are done. Sure you can be passionate about something but it has to be variety in the songs.

Then I had the artist that couldn't fly because of the environment. They needed to take the bus to the gig. Problem was that all the time it took with the bus to get to gigs would eat their normal working days so they couldn't afford to go.

Even worse was the band that had the same climate anxiety that took the bus. But felt that everything they were bringing was to heavy and sent it with the rest of their flying crew.

I saw another band the other day ranting about all the plastic in the sea, and sea turtles dying. Their message: don't throw plastic in nature. Come on, no one in that room wanted to kill the environment. I don't see anyone just go out with plastic and throw them in nature.

In the end, what the band did was to make a very important message lame. When they ranted on obvious things and then started to play bad music I felt a strong urge to throw my plastic cup with the beer that paid their rent in the river on my way home.

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