Friday, May 17, 2019

Why i'm going on showcase festivals

I'm going to write this post on the road. Usually, I write on my phone, but then correct it in my computer talking off the worst mistakes. Not this time or the Monday post. This has to go straight online I won't be reaching my computer until Tuesday.

I'm doing two festivals on the same weekend. First Focus Wales where The Magnettes is playing. Then New Skool Rules where Adée and Tale the Rapper is playing.
Yes, it is a hectic time right now. Many festivals are in May and they all collide.

Some people ask why I'm doing so many festivals. I guess we can reveal now why. Three years ago I decided to build a network all over the world so I have the contact myself to evaluate different offers and situations. In the end, I want to have such a vast network that I can just with this break an artist on a global scale. I guess right now I'm pretty close. They have been joking around me in meetings always answer, well I know someone that can provide that if they asked a specific knowledge or service in a certain area.

The industry seems to have seen this going on and now we getting more and more projects that are based on this network. The artist community has not, they still think that a bigger network is out there. And maybe there is but most of the artists we work closely with have realized that this network is pretty self-sustainable.

Still, a lot of work has to be done. Especially to maintain the whole thing. I guess I have to wait and see when enough is enough.

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