Monday, May 13, 2019

There is no lucky break.

I read a post from my friend Alonzo Sosa on facebook there are no lucky breaks. It's down to hard work and countless criticism and development. And I can't agree more. The ones that work for it get the break if you just sit around.

And like I have been written the past days. It's actually not just the artist that needs to work it's the whole team against the same goal. Too many times its just one person that works in the whole team and that won't change so many things.

And you need to work on the right things. I just spent a good hour talking to an artist that was just perusing Spotify playlists. He was pretty sure if he reached a certain number it will break him. I told him what number he needed around 50 million and he was not happy. Still, he had forgotten the other sites and also the live side in his pursuing after Spotify plays.

Many times also people are afraid of critics. But if everyone says that you should stop doing ballads it's a good sign you should stop doing that. You have the knowledge to know when to listen and when not to listen. It's not easy but that will stop you from work on the wrong things as well. If you don't know what is working and what is not.

Taking the easy way is also very damaging. Just thinking that streaming will break you is an easy way. If it broke you well then you probably have to play live and since you have been avoiding that then you have the numbers but a very very lousy live show. Then you can just go digitally not playing live. Then you really can't get that lucky break. This will only be a 25% break, not a full break.

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