Monday, May 27, 2019

Don't brag on false things that can be checked!

I released my new single that was really appreciated on Spotify. The artist bragged on his CV on it. First, I'm not that interested in Spotify playlist since that is a sign of amateurism. Anyway, I was checking and on two months the single has 1015 streams. I wonder witch playlists it had been on. well, that Spotify playlist has 56 followers. And the rest of the lists had fewer and was mainly done by the artist.

I have a lot of good things going on, the artist kept saying in the promo letter. The problem here is that the artist never told what these good things where? He had some small plays in smaller gig places in Sweden but that was before. As usual, this is the problem when the artist tells this, if there is no proof then there is nothing happening. Even I try to avoid that kind of things when I work with my professional bands. I'm not telling that things are ongoing, instead, I wait until they are out and you have proof.

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