Tuesday, May 28, 2019

Excuse me for being successful.

I was in a panel to judge songs the other day. I was judging the songs from a commercial perspective. Of course, since my thinking is that you want to do the song as accessible as possible for an audience. My thought is hat you want as many as possible to listen to your music? Of course not to infringement to much on your artistic vision.

This I a balance. Still, I heard myself excuse me for being commercial when some other judges were more arty farty and saying that it's okay to do a five-minute long epos about how you by mistake tramped on a flower. It was like being commercial is evil.

I don't think it is that evil. What you are doing is adopting your song to fit a larger audience. Yes, feel free to do deliberate noise but don't expect more than 100 people in the world like what you do. In my mind, I thought people wanted to spread their art. In the same way, I want to spread my blog. Yes, I want everyone on the planet to read it and like it. Then to do that I probably can't be so niche to just write about the music industry. Comparing that to infringe on my artist vision, I like to write about the music industry I limit the blog on purpose. But I changed from Swedish to English to reach a larger audience, a way to make it more accessible, more commercial.

Still, I'm tired to try to give feedback to polish a turd. Excuse me for trying to be successful. Still yes you can do arty farty songs but don't expect to have a large audience it's very hard to get the audience to adapt to you then the opposite.

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