Thursday, May 2, 2019

The unprofessional genres.

Why is it that certain genres are unprofessional? I mean I can get if a certain person is that, but here we talk about a whole genre. and everybody knows it, but no one wants to talk around it?

Ok, certain movements also producers certain behavior. The hippie movement produced a certain style and thinking. And yes the behavior on a metal concert will look different then a night at Royal Albert Hall.

And when people get into certain of these movements they behave in the way you start to think that Isis, the Talibans is a kind of nice understanding people. It seems they are so sucked up in the style that it would be easier to stone their mothers then change the views.

The funny part is they all complain that no one listens to them. But they keep on doing it hard to reach the main audience. At the same time they want to be underground cool they want to fill an arena with fans.

When you give this obvious reason for lack of success you are treated like standing up in the bible belt and say that Satan seems a but cozy from time to time. And passing stricter gun laws is a good thing and expect them to agree.

I get fucking annoyed. In so many cases I would just love to say, fuck your principles, cut your hair, become more accessible and stop screwing around being annoying arts fartsy. No, I won't work with you until you be more professional.

Success is something you earn not what a government gives you.

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