Friday, May 3, 2019

When the DIY comes around it's dead.

I remember when I started talking about Spotify with my artists around 2009. They were totally uninterested. The industry as well. Just people higher up in the industry was interested.

Then five years later the general industry started to become interested. Now ten years later I see all these DIY services offering things around Spotify. Now the top industry has stopped being interested in Spotify. You know that when the DIY people come around the whole thing is dead. It has run through the whole ecosystem and is now just some basic stuff that is just there.

So what is ongoing. The general industry is just adapting to the showcase opportunity that is ongoing. My guess is that showcasing has its five to seven years left until the DIY comes around.

To avoid being left by the real industry as an event you need to keep away from the DIY people. If showcase becomes more exclusive it might keep their position. 

Right now I'm so fed up with DIY nagging around how they should get into playlists. They still think that if they have many streams their career is made. Right now that is so far from reality that you can get. I have so many proofs with artists with million of Spotify streams that are going nowhere.
And you can't talk reason with the DIY. They think you hide or lying to them when you prove the cases one by one.

I guess the dream is too real and to perfect. You just sit there in your room release a song and then you just become a world star and can do anything. I guess Santa Claus is also real then.

I have just posted a hit on Spotify!

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