Tuesday, January 12, 2021

This is the turning point.

 I just felt this holiday just passed with little notice. The quarantine just made me stay at home and keep on working on my projects. The only difference was that I left social media and the mailbox with an out of office reply. Even with pandemic still raging,  it has just left me with more work than ever. The major part of the workload is also for preparing when we are getting back to seeing each other, and resuming our time on the road.

No, not going back to normal. We are not getting back to normal. Like when 9/11 happened nothing went back to normal it was a new normal. To be honest 9/11 was a small impact in comparison to something that results in a lock down for the whole world. It is a new normal we will now be facing. What we are lacking is meeting people and interaction so that will come automatically when we resume our post-pandemic roles, it’s just with what restrictions and safety precautions? This is one of the turning points in history, we will talk about before and after 2020.

Another turning point is how the new music industry will look. My guess is that many will have to change revenue models, network and opportunities. I feel sad for all the artists who have done so many online activities that probably won’t mean a thing in a couple of months. I feel for all the people that have done nothing and have sat and waited for the whole thing to blow over. Like I wrote earlier, this time has just been about preparation so we will have some sort of foundation to stand on when the new time comes.

No one can really predict what is coming around the corner. The only thing is to try to prepare as much as possible. Now that the vaccine is rolling out we must be fast and see what changes that will bring with it. My guess is that social distancing might change but how quickly? The only thing you can do is buckle up and just go-ahead for the ride.

I’m scared, part of me is scared that there will be big changes and an even bigger chance to make mistakes. On the other hand, you learn by mistakes, you just have to be fast to adapt to the new situations and try to juggle several balls and try to see what is flying and hitting the best. Most of the time changes lead to something good in the end but it’s a struggle along the way.

I got the sad news that Gerry Marsden from Gerry and the Pacemakers died a few days ago. I was supposed to secure an interview with him, but he fell ill, and it never happened. Here is an era that is at a turning point. The new music industry is not building any new stars. And the old stars are starting to leave us. The time around 2020 really is a turning point in so many ways. You will miss the old but at the same time you are so excited by the new opportunities coming your way. And you are shit scared of all the struggles that humanity has to deal with in the decades moving forward.

You just have to buckle up and welcome a new era!

The orginal story in Cashbox Magazine Canada