Thursday, May 9, 2019

You must understand you are the boss.

We have all had the boss that no one really likes, that comes into your room and scream at you. Whatever you do it's not good enough. Yes, we all have had that boss.

Revealing, many artists are that boss. In fact, you are the boss, sure it doesn't feel that way when you sit in the record label room or in the other situations. Still, it's your music that is promoted and the people that work with this promotion is, in fact, your employees.

Sure you can look at it like you are a customer. Same here we all have worked in a job when they had customers that is just ugly, ignorant and you just want to tell them to fuck off, but since this is a business you can't just do that.

And yes many artists are that boss or that customer. In my daily life as a manager, my job is to get the artist away from the decision makers to keep them from looking like assholes. Most of the time because they are acting just like the person we all hate.

Right now I got a call from one of the PR firms. The picture the artist gave us wasn't good enough. Like I didn't know that! I told the artist from the beginning. The photographer is a friend of the band and is artsy fartsy. The picture doesn't really look that appealing. No, they are the standard shit indie picture you find in most bands. This PR agent is working in the higher field so they need the best. I know if this got to the artist they would have been angry, they think the picture is the best since sliced bread. What they don't get is that in the level the PR agent work that is not good enough. The press won't accept bad indie pictures and that will get the PR agent in a bad situation and not a good result. Yes, I have to work this situation out.

It's like the classical moment when your boss comes in the room with this idea that the boss thinks is brilliant. You know that the customers will hate this new idea or product. Mainly because you are working out there and knows the requests from them. Still, the boss needs to have it there way and you will end up by getting screamed at from the boss and the customers. All you want to do is just take the customers in the room to the boss and they can scream at each other. At the same time, that is how the business goes down and you don't have any work

The, of course, you can just take the decision to not work with jerks. Well, that is not a decision. The boss doesn't know they are idiots and if you tell them they might listen but in many cases not and do you have the "f*ck you" capital, the money you need to tell people to fuck off? Not always.

In all ways, you always hear if the artists is a good boss or not. The artist that is nice working with is preferred before the nasty ones. Even if the good ones are not quite as hip or cool or selling, in the end, you want to work with the nice ones. So are you a good boss or a bad one?

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