Tuesday, May 14, 2019

I was right, here comes the future.

Every ten years has been big changes in the music industry for me. Almost like a new chapter has opened up. 1999 it was Napster and the whole change to digital opened so many new opportunities that it launched my new company Musichelp. It was rewriting the whole game and over ten years.

2009 was the streaming. Launch of Spotify and the start of the showcase era. The changes were massive and opportunities plentiful. And also rewrote the game quite much.

In both cases, just before the big change, I felt it was all over. The industry was not changing and many things had been streamlined. Then a minor meeting opens up a whole new world. The opportunities were back, suddenly everything was great again. You got like a blueprint of where you were heading and a receipt that you were doing the right things. In both older cases, I can pinpoint that meeting that changed everything. And now I know when the feeling is right.

This The Great Escape held just those meetings. That it happened here was more a coincidence. It happened to be the right time and place this time. I had three meetings that could change the future of my career, change the game completely. I would just be glad for one. But with three I'm pretty sure we are going a very bright future ahead.

And I can touch the changes right now. Sadly I cant reveal more maybe in a year or two I can reveal the stories.

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