Tuesday, April 30, 2019

Your content has to be good!

I have been travel lately, more than usual and seen so many good panels, keynotes, and masterclasses. The knowledge I and the other visitors are getting is phenomenal. I wish I would have these things when I started in the business. back then there was not even a school for professionals in the music industry in Sweden.

But all this advice and knowledge is useless if the content is crap. The problem is that it usually is. I can just look on my own vlog here. Content vise many time they suck. Sure some turn out great, but we are talking 2 out of 10. It's ok content and fun for the people that are in it. Still, it's not that good content and I know it. That is the reason I won't contact any Youtube firm to get it released or invest money to get it out to people. I know the limit.

And it's not easy to be on the top all the time producing content. In the end, also is all this content producing drag you out from your actual goal? in my case, it's extra to my real blogging that is here. A part of the blog that is more humor and more carefree. As an artist though?  If you doing videos about your videos where is your time to do the music that the video should promote? In the beginning, the video should promote the music now you to a behind movie about the video that should promote the music?

I have the same problem. Should I do vlogs to promote the blog that is written? Or just focus on the written part alone?

As an artist, you can go crazy about all these different opportunities coming from the industry. But there is no good answer what you should do, spread out thin or thick? I guess my best advice is going what you feel good with. I usually test everything but if it takes to much time or feels forced or not right I leave that thing pretty fast. Right now I like my vlog.

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