Tuesday, April 16, 2019

Attitude, will close door silently.

Just confronted an artist that had a very bad attitude against our employees. He was being stupid for no reason at all. One of the uploads on the homepage happened to get the wrong bio. It happens, it's hundreds of bios that should be uploaded. This artist noticed that it was the wrong bio and wrote an angry mail saying that we should change. He forgot to put with the mail what we should change it to. So the wrote back and asked what the correct bio should be. We never got an answer. Maybe we did we don't know but it was laying around for a while until three weeks later we got another angry mail again. the same mistake though didn't give us what we should change it to. Since they were tired to get angry emails they just took the artist off for the moment until they got the right text.

Then we had to change the homepage. The artist was screaming to get up on the page again, but this time we had to wait since the new page had to be built. And still, we hadn't got the right text from the artist. Finally, we got the text but had to wait a week more for the page. In the end, it was right on the page.

Still, the artist kept on writing angry emails, was now complaining about other small things that had nothing to do with his artist page. In a classical way, he was an asshole.

When I confronted him he was like, yeah you need to have an attitude to get things done!

No, the attitude will close doors. But in this business, these doors close very silently. Of course, the staff is not doing any extra for this artist. We also discovered a way to get him off forever which they will use. We will also internally talk around him which will spread to several channels.

Many times when I get an artist that I might think working with I check with people that has worked with them before. It's really not unusual you get these attitude horror stories and silently just close the door on them.

And attitude only works in a short while. If you bring in money for the company they can put up with it. As soon you are not in the top the doors close very fast. And people also then enjoy seeing your downfall. An artist with attitude falls much faster than a nice one.

A quite good example is Oasis, sure they had some years, but nowadays they are not even booked to small stages. They are treated as a pariah and really have not much of a career. My professional guess is that many wanted them to fail after all their attitude problems.

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