Friday, April 26, 2019

The producer won't get you streamed.

It's not actually that important who produced the record as long as it sounds good. Too many are looking too much onto the name dropping. I got my third mail just today with bands being produced by a producer name. Yes, producer name, to the main public these producers are unknown. I bet if I went down to my local grocery store and ask random ten people, name a famous music producer I bet that eight can't. One will say ABBA, which was not the producer. And maybe one can say a name like Michael B Tretow who actually produced ABBA. Maybe also Rick Rubin would get on there. But I doubt it.

So when bands come up and say, well this is produced by so and so that produced Terence Trent D'Arby, Unknown Indie artist and some local band. It's like, who cares?

First with crappy songs the producer can't really do anything. It's like polish a turd. And many of these producers need money to stay afloat so they might do a job, and keep quiet themselves. Then they might be good songs and the producer let them shine. But that hit they produced was accompanied by a great PR team which is missing here. And even with the best songs without PR, it's tough to get them going. Is actually better to have a bad song and a good PR team than a good song and a good producer.

In many ways, it feels like the producer is just a teddy bear for a nervous artist. Especially if it just comes down to namedropping that the producer has done this and that.

To get the right producer, don't go by name go by how the producer can enhance your sound. And that can be a rather unknown producer that is right over the ones with big names.

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