Friday, April 12, 2019

The obvious mistakes

It's hard to get an audience. No shit Sherlock! To get an audience you need to be good. This is the ground for everything. Either you are really really bad or really really good, in between you are totally lost. The main problem is that most are actually in that midsection. I would even guess my blog is in the midsection. I try to make it as good as possible. But I know there are people writing really good that has the upper hand on this.

So what do I do, I try to make my blog coming up to that upper section. Not language wise I won't manage to do that, maybe in Swedish but not in English, I know my limitations. To know your limitations is also good. Too many try to reach things they can't reach in the way they think. No, I try to find ways to entertain people in my own way. see what works and not work.

Will I get out of the midsection. I guess with hard try I might do it when I find the right formula. A problem is that many people tell me the "right" formula. In the end, though I'm the only one who can make the formula works. You have to sort out what people are saying. Some you keep some you just forget. I guess the hard part is to know to do with what.

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