Friday, April 5, 2019

The career screwers

A friend of mine was reading to a become psychologist and said that quite many that started the semester quickly jumped off. In reality, they wanted to find out more about their own problems then become the profession. he said every starting semester was the same game to who was there for their own problems. Of course, people with problems always thought they were masterminds of helping others. In reality, it was blind leading blind in many cases, just because you have gone through it makes you a great person to help others.

This is the reason I'm pretty skeptical when former musicians take places in the professional industry. Yes, there is many that are great on it, but a rather high percentage is really not good at it. Just this week I have been forced to "re-program" some artist that former musician had got into so many strange ideas and things.

Also, age is a matter thing. Not the number just when you did your things. For example, just found a book by a guy that just had one hit ever in the early nineties. Probably that hit was more a lucky stroke since he only did one. The hit was not done by him, it was a good marketing team and the right place and the right time. Suddenly he thought he was a mastermind of giving out music and has spent the rest twenty years screwing peoples careers with strange advice that is really not good for an artist. Like here his claim to fame is a hit made over 25 years ago. it's before the internet, it's before cellphones. There is no reality to it, and all the things he is teaching is more or less for that era. Which of course doesn't fit in what is going on today.

Later on, he also became a teacher in a music school. Of course, these people never make it, they end up in schools, government programs and sits around and still proclaim disinformation. I got a question the other day why the students from this school sucked, and I had to tell the story. The person I talked to was really upset and wanted me to expose the whole thing here in my blog.

I can't do that, there is no crime being sucky. Sure I feel sorry for the students that put in a lot of time an effort and don't get a good education back. Still, I can't put people on the line here. can't tell which school it is or witch teacher. Age is the key to it though to check things out. If your teacher never left the school environment, or the last time they worked in the industry at all in a more professional way more then five years back. You should think twice if they really have the knowledge any longer. Or if they are just like the psychology students just seeing the education as a platform to make money before heading back to become a musician.

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