Tuesday, April 23, 2019

Work ethic

One of the more read blog posts is "Management is not a booking agency". One of the comments was that you as a manager can choose the artists that have the work ethic. Yes, you can the problem is to find the artist that has all three things you looking for. in many cases you have to compromise. if you just waited for the right to move along you probably would wait for a lifetime. This is what you need to get an artist off the ground.

Good songs. The best is if the artist actually can write good songs and be updated with the latest in production. This is really not easy to find. Many of the good examples of the next two things are usually the victim of this, that is also why I put it first. You can keep up all other things but with crappy songs, it's hard if not impossible. So many times I see really hard-working artists, managers, and others get forward when the problem is that the music is really crap or the production is really out of date. Yes, you can buy good songs but in the long run, the economy will be the problem.

Work Ethic. Yes, the second is work ethic. In reality, I'm investing time in your business dream. The artist should work hard and work as much as possible. An easy task like answering four questions that you need the same day should not take a week which I encounter quite many times. Update your own homepage and promote gigs in social media should not be that hard either. Much of the problem here is usually that you are several people in the band and no one takes responsibility for the different tasks. Many cases it's the same person doing everything and the rest just tag along, or no one is doing nothing. Here I see many doing the right things when the music is wrong also very many talented songwriters just sleeping on the sofa.

Endurance. You won't be a star overnight. It never happens. Endurance is the key and to be able to keep up good songwriting and work ethic over a couple of years is really not an easy task. I bump into many that try to squeeze all in a year. Never works out. The problem when the success is not showing up immediately they just fail off. Another thing is they do just the races while they release something and think that it can make up all the loss of time before.

To get all these three at the same time is actually one of the hardest things.

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