Tuesday, March 19, 2019

Managment is not a booking agency.

I'm really tired getting from artists seeking management that they want a manager to get more gigs.
Managers are not booking gigs. We could look to get you a booking agency, but at the same time if you can't get a booking agency interested there a very slim chance that the manager could fix that problem.

It seems artist thinks a manager is a personal butler fixing all these things that they think is hard to do. They are not. If you have a hard time to find a record deal, they will have the same problem. The manager then can fix things around you so you have a better chance to get a  record deal. But then you have to do other hard working things even work twice as hard as you already are doing.

Stop looking to the manager as a personal slave so you can sit around and feel important. Think of the manager as your personal investor on the bank.

Oh yes, when I write this I just got that exact stupidity. If this artist had management they would surely do this to them. An artist (not even on my management) asking for a link. This link is not even hard to get, it's on the homepage they are asking about. You can easily google the thing and get it. No instead they send two text messages and three facebook notes that they need "the link".
Why not just go to the homepage and check it, or google it. A five-year-old can do it. No instead they use valuable time and money to get me to do something that they really don't should ask about.

You would not send a stupid request to your bank like "do you have the address to your login". No you won't you will go to the bank's homepage and look for the login. If it doesn't work you really can't find then you send a message.

It's too many that don't really know what the different people are doing in the industry. Also the new world today is more that people just scream for help without checking some easy options. And thinking it would be great with a  personal server that can fix this easy stuff.

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