Monday, March 25, 2019

I can at least be nice.

We did a survey on a panel one time and checked how many that got messages from artists before the showcase festival started. This festival was at least 150 artists, but none of us got more than ten messages, or even five. I remember I was one of the ones that got more and had six.

It should really be more artists that contact you for meetings and invites to a showcase but the reality that it's not. Mainly I get invites from booking agencies or professionals. From the artist direct is usually one or two.

So why? I guess you don't want to intrude on people. or you think they get bombarded by emails from strange bands wanting them to sign them. Or you just wait until you have seen our panels to decide who you like and then invite them there.

Whatever the reason is it's actually our job to find new music in most cases.

And those who really contact me I really answer. I actually goes and check them out and try to answer. I stopped promising that I will see their show. I don't know the schedule suddenly the organizer might move me to a dinner or a meeting I have to attend. If I'm left to my own things then I put the artist in the schedule to at least see a couple of songs. I actually do that even if my impression of the links was that is nothing for me. Yes I will give them a second chance I can at least be nice if someone took the trouble to invite me to their show.

My guess is that people miss a lot of opportunity's just because they don't talk to people and being nice.

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