Thursday, March 28, 2019

I got a bigger fanbase!

I actually treat my blog as the way an artist should do their career. I try to get my blog post spread as much as possible. Same as an artist is trying to spread their art. I try to market smart on free things as much as possible, same as the artist. I now and then pay for promotion and do collaborations, just as artists.

In a way, I'm just copying the things I learn from my visits on conferences and use the tips to test out on my own thing.

And now I really got another thing going my friends let me publish some things in their newsletters and sites. Her I'm going to write a bit longer then I do in the blog. Also, the language is corrected so it will be nicer to read. So go ahead and start also get the newsletter of these since I won't post these improved ones here on my blog.

the first one got out last week on both.

Cashbox Magazine Canada

Record World Magazine

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