Friday, March 15, 2019


I had a friend that always said this, GJG! With stands for Go just go. Whatever it was it was GJG on almost everything. Maybe not the smartest thing to do but it worked.

You can't do everything, but if there is a possibility you have to take it. Right now I feel to many is to scared to take risk or just damn lazy.

The reasons why not taking it is usually money or some weak excuse. I really built my career on GJG. The first years on our new business that we launched in 2015 I have been working 24/ 7 for almost two years. There were decisions that on the paper looked horrible but in the end was the key to the success where we stand today.

Like when a friend invited me to NYC with just a free ticket to his conference. I skipped my nice birthday and paid both hotel room for me and my friend and the airfare for me to go there.
It could have been easy to just say no because we didn't have the money than on the company I had to take the money from my savings privately. Still, I did it. I knew I had to live on cheap pizza slices in NYC and my budget was so tight.

There on the ground my friend called me and he had a slot open on one of the panels and asked if I wanted to join. I don't know if he did it because he felt sorry for me, still I took it. The panel as in 20 minutes and I was on the other side of Manhattan. I jumped in a cab, paid on my overdue credit card to get there. Got on the panel just in time.

I guess I did a good job. Afterward, a guy came up from Asia and invited me to speak on one of the world largest conferences everything paid.

Another time I said yes to a conference in Romania. I had never heard of it, but it looked cool. My problem was that I was in USA on another conference, also being on tour already for two weeks and had to get over there straight after the last show. Same here the conference could only offer me a hotel room since I was the last speaker in, I had just met them. My costs to get there was huge since I had to travel straight from USA and on a very limited time schedule. I had to change planes 3 times around the world. On each destination, I had a new airline so I had to grab and recheck my luggage every time with only 1,5 hours at each airport. Nothing could be delayed. If I missed one plane the whole trip had been destroyed since I wouldn't reach Romania until after the conference or the last day.
It would have been so easy to just say no to this thing. Too stressful, too much costs, a big risk in total.

My answer, yes GJG. And I did it, it was a nerve-wracking journey. The conference in Romania was so worth it. I got so many good contacts and it was a blast. Then I had to take two days off coming home since I was so worked out.

Yes here afterward it's easy to see where it was the right decision. Beforehand it was impossible. All signs said that I would say no. Still, I said yes because it was possible. I wasn't booked to anyone's wedding or funeral. I was just going home, and that I could postpone. Taking a financial risk, well I have done that so I was already living out of noodles before, I could do it again if I had too.

I guess you need to have GJG to make things happen. Forget that you need braces and belt. It's very rare that you not making it. You just have to sacrifice your comfort a little bit.

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  1. So glad you took the chance to come to Romania. Otherwise, we wouldn't have met!
    And I am very grateful that we did...