Wednesday, March 20, 2019

Everything is relative.

- I got really good momentum, the artist told me.
Well with his 30 followers on Spotify, 3 interactions on Facebook on each post with a 50 000 follower fanbase and just 1000 streams on Youtube and just 200 likes out of 6000 followers on Instagram.

Nope, I don't see any momentum in this, and it's so easy checked. What I see is that you either buying numbers or forcing people to just follow you even though they don't care.

So my next question was of course how does the booking look like?

- I'm about to start to book for the summer.

This is close to April, the artist hasn't released anything since early last year. And a fact most is already booked for the summer, not really time to start now.

I guess that momentum is relative, maybe in someone else world, it is momentum to this. In my world, it seems like you spending time on chasing numbers that in the end don't mean a thing and the momentum is absolutely nothing.

I guess everything is relative depends on how you see things.

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