Thursday, March 7, 2019

Be more specific...please

One of the mistakes people do is to be too broad with everything. Actually, it's better to be more specific even though you mean more.

I got a mail from an artist saying like this:

I do music that suits everybody!

Yes, you want your music to be heard by everybody but that will never happen. People have different tastes and they go for a channel with that taste. So when you say that you have music for everybody to a radio plugger it means he can't reach anyone. Here it's much better to go to the closest thing that you do and stick to that. If you are good enough you will reach for everybody, but in the PR process, you need to be specific.

Same with artists that seeks all festivals. No more is not better. Take the ones that you like the most and that you think you fit the most. Be more specific and work on that.

Even though you think you fit it all and you should be on there you have to look on your work and see what is best and where to start.

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