Friday, March 8, 2019

Export offices failure!

My mind around export offices can vary. But one thing artists and professionals have to understand is they are not all good for you.

Just got a mail from booker to try to book their artists saying that they get support from their export office. That export office though really fucked up. They went for a certain festival most because it was handled by a multinational company. Of course, that made all the other festivals not booking artists from that specific country.

The year after the festival went bankruptcy. Yes, that export office really didn't know what they were doing. Now when I get emails around that country I just answer that they should seek out this bankruptcy festival that is no longer existing.
In a nutshell, this export office just made it ten times harder to book their act in this territory of pure incompetence. No one wants to touch these artists since they have supported the wrong festival.

So doing a career abroad through an export office is a kind of risky. They might be really good, I know several that is very good. But it can also be very risky if they fuck up your opportunities like equal many does.

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