Monday, March 18, 2019

Why the frontcover sucks nowadays.

The artwork has really declined over the years. Many reasons for it, like the picture on Spotify is big as a stamp. You don't do physical products. Many just ignore it or make something up fast. Still, it has a big function. In the old days ( read 80:s 90:s) when you did a cover you hired an expert. A person that worked with PR and knew what would be good. Of course, we will not have great front covers like we had those days.

Today it's the artist themselves that pretends that they are graphic designers. I guess they won't just take any person on the street to play their guitar solo on the record. When it comes to the front cover it seems they choose anyone with a cellphone.

It takes years in school to be a graphic designer. Just because you have photoshop and a digital camera doesn't make you a graphic designer. Right now it feels that the artist really think just because they have recorded a song they also magically know how to make front cover.

Right now also this is an advantage you can use. Since everybody else is doing kind of crappy stuff you can shine.

Also, adapt to the online world today.

If I get another black and white grainy picture I will promise NOT to listen to your music just because your cover sucks.

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