Friday, March 29, 2019

You have a passion for music?

Just bumped another social media post from an artist telling "music is my passion". The problem is uif you really did the things you should do instead of making a stupid post how much you have a passion for music and wants to have a career you might actually get a career.

It's scary how often I hear artists talking about their passion around the music and how much they really work on their career. When you go behind this fake wall you really look into something different. I got so many stories from different managers around how the artist is not doing half of what they should do in order to have a career.

If you really have the passion you will do the extra mile to get there. that extra mile is the difference between a hobby and a job. Most of the time if you have the time writing a post like you have to much time on your hands. I was just checking some artist pages around just linking to media. A task like having all your written media on your homepage is quite a busy thing to do. Not hard you just have to put googel to seek out when ever someone is writing about you. Then take the link and make a library. This is great to have later when you do press releases.

So none of the artists I checked had that simple task, in fact, two out of ten didn't have a homepage. So, in fact, that artist that wrote that he had a passion for the music. I guess this is the bigger problem you focus more on the things that actually doesn't mean anything in the thing that you are kind of lazy. Same here instead of writing an important email I'm sitting and updating my blog. But hey it's better then mane a stupid post.

I guess we all could go faster if we just focus on it.

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