Wednesday, March 6, 2019

Changing the rules of release again!

We got information from Spotify that they wanted releases six months ahead right before Christmas. Well, not a big chance that artist actually would submit stuff that early. But most record labels recommended ten weeks at least as lead time.

I was in London in meetings and the band and I was on a dinner with some people on very high positions on a major record company and the band was asking about when their favorite artists would release their next record since they know these guys are the PR team.

- Well not tomorrow!
- What do you mean with not tomorrow?
- Right now we actually get most information for release around 48 hours before. So it won't be tomorrow.

This is the biggest artists there is and the record labels get the info of a release 48 hours before? Yes it was true, they got the info so late. Of course, this is so big artists that they just have to say that they will do something and they get recognition on social media. But the strategy is not to get the fans excited beforehand. People don't have the long attention span so right now they are working that the release comes so fast so when the fans hear about it they actually can find it on Youtube or Spotify.

The PR starts directly after that when people can find something to listen to.

The problem is to organize all teams so fast. That is not easy and many other artists become bumped just because a big artist just decided to release that week.

Well, this won't work for a small or even a midsize artist. But you can see how things change so fast, was right two months ago is now totally changed again. In the end, I guess no one knows really what is going on or how it's done.

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