Thursday, March 14, 2019

There is no special way in!

Sometimes I just want to might try to google it? I got a question about recommendations for mastering. I gave the artist two studios that are good to check out. Direct comes...can you send their contact info?
I actually don't have that in my head, so it means I have to google the damn stuff. So I wrote back, google it.
Then it came back, yes but I thought if there was some special address we needed. They usually don't answer our emails.

I guess then it doesn't matter what I give you tip off on. The reason why they don't answer is usually that the email is stupid. The address is usually correct, no one wants to miss something so the correct email is usllay on the page. The problem is what you write.

I get too many emails with just a link to a song. Or some strange message that the person loves music and maybe whats to be an artist. These emails are really not a high priority to answer. same here if you write with a very unclear message the chances to not get an answer is a kind of high. But there is really not a secret account where you get answers even on strange messages.

I just got an answer from the highs person on the radio, she reads all my emails but answers may be on one out of hundred. And when she answers it's usually because I have written something interesting and she needs some info or extra.

So if you don't get an answer it usllay you didn't write anything that was interesting for the moment. Or the song was not good enough, or good enough and they have all info around it.

Forget that there are special ways.

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