Thursday, April 25, 2019

Minor problems.

Don't mind the small things when you still have to do the big stuff. I know I'm that way in so many ways. I rather do the small fast things and if I get stuck with a problem then I keep on trying to solve that small problem for a whole day. Everything just to ignore that big problem I was supposed to do.

Much of the questions I get from the artist are those small problems. How do I pimp my MYspace page was one big question a couple of years ago. Why pimp that page when you don't have any people there. Yes, it becomes much easier to send out that newsletter if you can talk about how cool you MYspace page is. At the same time, you don't have any readers to your newsletter and that is where the big task is. So it's more fun to pimp the page then go out and get real fans.

And since that stops you yes, you keep on nagging around that page even though it won't take you anywhere. But in reality you don't need a pimped page, 99% of your fans don't mind the page or even care if it's pimped or not. This is just in your head.

Which leads me to get on and get to the bigger problems that I avoid.

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