Tuesday, April 2, 2019

Time flies, don't stress about it.

I was ahead with things for the blog and for other parts. Then suddenly we had to move the office, not that far just a room away. Moving a whole office takes times. When you then discover that the new room doesn't have any internet connection it takes a bit longer to fix everything.

In total, I guess I have been offline for five days. two of them was a weekend. I have redone a lot of thing to three different rooms.

First I felt stressed every time my phone blips or messages comes in and updates. Then I just thought, well nothing is that important that you need an answer on a Thursday afternoon. During Saturday I felt, well I have a weekend and this is my priority.

Now when it's Sunday night, hell my brain feel rested. My arms and legs are sore but that is from all moving. I post this on Tuesday since I need to make some sort of joke on April fools day. I hope you went for it yesterday, and no I won't work for Lady Gaga even if would be cool.

In a way, you need these escapes sometimes. The whole society is so stressed out to get information instantly. I guess we really don't. Do we?

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