Wednesday, April 17, 2019

Nice behavior takes you far.

If you read yesterdays post about attitude. Today I will get you the opposite, the nice artist and how they succeed.

Just my weekend at the showcase festival Westway lab is a good example. I was approached by a booking agent very nicely and he wanted to personally invite me to his band's gig. Yes with that approach I really took my time to see that band even though it was just an hour before I had to leave for the airport.

Then it was the fan that use to read my blog. He hadn't added me on facebook because he didn't want to harass me. But he read the blog very often and like the content. Of course, you can add on Facebook, especially when you are nice and genuinely interested.

Another nice artist helped one of my bands with their equipment. Of course, I looked after to see their show as well. My artist was nice to a booker and what do you know today she got a message that she is booked to his festival.

To be nice will take you so much longer. In fact, many of the big artist knows this and is always nice and then send their manager to do the criticism. By doing that they always see as nice and the good person. And that is important for their image and their career. Like I wrote yesterday, the door is fast shout silently and they know this.

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