Monday, April 29, 2019

It takes time.

I just got a supervisor that I have worked for years with but never got a placement. It has been close several times but it has always missed. Finally, we got the placement done. After working together for at least eight years it's finally here.

I was curious about which song it was. And he sent me the whole brief. This must have been one of the first songs we ever sent to him. The band was a band that wanted everything very fast. They signed off an EP on to us talking that it would fit on a movie. After just four months they left us since we hadn't placed any of the songs. In reality, it's very rare to get a placement that fast. At the same time, they were always in a hurry and had kind of very strange opinions on what a publisher should do for them.

Now ten years later the song is placed. I had forgotten about the band and now I went out to see if they are still active. No, they have even tried to take off all traces of themselves online. No homepage, not even a Spotify account, and their SoundCloud is gone. But you can follow their hurry to jump to the next things. You can see them put out things to then take them off to put out the next. Changing manager and booking agency twice in one year. All gathered in small pockets of digital information they have forgotten to take off.

I wonder what would happen if the song now with the placement take off?

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