Thursday, January 31, 2019

Eurovision letters

Sometimes it's fun to be on the other side of the table. I'm also book for showcase festivals, and we were on a fair the other week and now they are pushing out artist to book for the summer.

They use the same methods as I do so it's quite fun to read them.

Right now I got one from a totally new agent, that not even have a homepage. Either he is so new or he just is so lost that he doesn't have one. He represents the act that is like a wild card in this years Eurovision.

Actually, I'm a good friend with the manager of the band, so we had them already booked at our festival this year. The interest though from the audience was very slow.

The funny thing is that the booker indicates that this group has a big chance in their turn in Eurovision. The inside I got is that they are in the hardest round and also with a bad position. The position the booker actually get to be something positive.  Now he offers our festival ( which is the showcase festival) a cheap prize before the contest. The prize is actually too high even after an artist has been in the festival.

The funny thing is that I did a survey before here on the blog in Swedish where I proved that no wildcard has ever survived. Either they come last or second to last. None has even gon up in the price range of booking. In this case, you can easily say that they try to let you buy the pig in the sack (proverb in Swedish).

I wonder if I should send him an offer after they have lost their round. Yes, all the fact is pointing in that direction. For my friend's sake, I hope they actually go to the second round. But the statistics tell another story.

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