Wednesday, January 23, 2019

The best time hasn't been.

I was home at my father apartment for a visit. And there were my mothers funeral speech. She had cancer and in the end, she wrote her own funeral speech. I read it again and reflected over how in that short ceremony she had to pick out the best times in her life to tell us.

Of course, there was a lot of music also, I guess I own my mother quite much of how to judge music she always played cool pop hits when I was young. One of the more funny thing is that she loved "I Will Survive" with Gloria Gaynor. But she thought it was too morbid to have on a funeral. I still smile when that song is on.

Apart from the music, you looked at the times she picked out. There were the young days when she was out and dance in Stockholm. You will remember your young years. A carefree time in your life.

The rest was through a lot of her free time. She was very active in an amateur theatre group lot alot came from those memories. The passages that weren't in the speech is her work. She worked my whole adolescence on the Swedish railway company. She even got a gold watch for her long years there. Then she worked as a secretary in different places.

What I want to get to, is that this just work. She worked to get money, but her passion was the theatre. I guess one of her favorite jobs was on Swedish Television where she was a secretary for some years. Still, even that was gone in the speech. So you make your career to what you want to. Will you write these years in your funeral speech? If not, change it to the times so you will remember it and want to put it into your funeral speech.

I have been out with many artists over the years all around the world. In the end, many of them come back and just tell memories of that time. I just wish they could keep on going to get even more memories. I guess everything has an end.

Still, salute to those who just keep on going and just create your life to a long long pearl necklace of cool memories. Keep on doing the things that really mean anything to you. Either you are living them, if not break free and create them.

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