Thursday, January 10, 2019

Try to keep the team togheter.

I got an angry tip-off from a manager to not work with a certain band. He got to be the manager in May last year for this band and got laid off in Dec. I can understand him, he did some good stuff and started to get things moving. Then suddenly the band dump him for a manager he introduced.
The manager was that the new manager should help out in diffrent territorier, instead, she took over the whole project.

In this case, i also know the band so i asked why they dumped the old manager. They felt that the new manager was better and just felt the old one took up to much space. They needed something fresh.
I also know the new manager. She was counting on the movement that the band was on to continue. The momentum was created by The old manager.

A very stupid mistake. Now the old one is telling everyone not to work with the band. So his network is gone. And in many cases, you are more close to the manager then a band. The view in the industry is that band comes and goes and industry people stay. Many will follow his advice and stay away from the band.

Yes, the grass is greener on the other side but since the new manager count on the work that the old manager was doing nothing will happen. In the end, their closest things will be stopped and the momentum gone and in the end, they will start to fire the new manager as well.
What they should have done is keept the old manager. Keept all as one as a team. If you jump around the network wont grow you just hope that the new person has such a large network to get things going.

To kick someone should just be done in extreme cases. In most cases, people will leave in a friendly tone anyway. Then you keep all the networks and you build a team. A team has many diffrent skills and you need them all. If you just needed one star in the team Zlatan Ibrahimović is playing in would always win.

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  1. An interesting observation about who has more staying power and drive in the industry...

  2. Yes the people in th industry always goes before the artist. The only time teh artist goes first is when they are in the top and make the most money.