Monday, January 21, 2019

Spending time on stupid details.

Ohh how do you get your stuff up on this social media channel? Or how do I get videos on to Spotify, I see people having that.

You get these questions all the time. It's different channels depending on what is hot for the moment. Still, it's useless to follow these trends and stuff. If you are a big artist you will get these tryouts like having videos on Spotify. They won't do it for the artist that has 10 000 streams two songs out and self-released.

Many times the artist is just chasing these stuff because it should look cool. In reality, it won't affect the career or the fans in anything. You will not be a big artist just because you can link your records on Facebook or that it is a confirmed account on Twitter.

All this time that you spend on these small details that don't matter you miss the time to get real fans. A fan doesn't care about these details, they care if they can find your stuff or not and if you are in the normal channels they do.

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