Thursday, January 24, 2019

The return of the V-log

I was speaking with Live at Hearts social media guru, Soc Emelie. We came on that V-logs is the more fun thing. And I told about my previous attempts, that they took to much time and was almost impossible to keep up.

Still, they wanted to see clips from my traveling. And yes this was my first job trip for this year. And to be honest I bought my steadycam selfie stick. So challenge accepted. I will V-log from my travel and don't be so rushed to get everything out. Also maybe give several episodes from the same event.

Unfortunately, I won't do it all in English. Yes if  I travel abroad it will be in English. But in Sweden, it becomes strange to do it in English so some episodes will be in Swedish.

This first one is in Swedish.

Peter åker till Karlstad där solen inte alltid skiner. Han får lära sig om arga låtar på värmlänska och att hastags och eating challange är till för.

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