Friday, January 11, 2019

Artist friendly!

Time to time I get artists that are disappointed on the blog because they think I'm mean to artists. I usually ask them what they want me to write about? It's almost always that I should give them practical tipoffs or post looking from their angle of the industry.

The artist angle is though so very common. Every artist blog is just that. Also, I'm not an artist, so me writing about your struggle would be not correct at all.

I guess many are after that I should tell them about a magical page with a golden button that just kickstarts any career. Sure there are good places that I can make tipoff on. I do it inside the blogs all the time. I guess they want me to do readers digest and just take out the important parts in one post.

The problem is that every career is unique. These tipoff for everyone will be hard to keep up or totally wrong, a blog on that would be Aris Take. A nice blog but just around things for the masses. And quite frankly I guess Ari more famous for that then his music?

Still, I will try to write a post a week that more tends to go against the artist side, a smart tip or two that is hands on. To find these look for the tag artist friendly in my tags and you will find them and escape my usually nagging.

Also this year I will go harder against the industry. Time to reveal some really bad apples that you thought was good.

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1 comment:

  1. I, for one, think that all the info on your blog, Peter, can be turned into very good advice for artists. Since, every career has to be taylor-made (unique, as you put it) one cannot list the right path to use - but rather list the paths that are to be avoided.
    My 2 cents.