Wednesday, January 9, 2019

Grow your fanbase.

It can seem to be hard to do that. In some cases, it just happens. And in those cases, the artist has that drive to keep the fans updated. Nowadays there are so many tools that can aid you in the quest. Here are three ideas I just throw out for you to use.

Look back on The old days. There the fans even created fanzines around their artists. Those were more alive then the home pages that took over. Today I hardly see even fan letters or fan pages for even very big names. I guess getting that done and treat certain fans with inside info could lead to a bigger fanbase.

Of course, touring is coming back. Live is the ultimate way to meet and grow a fanbase. Here you can take The help of the new tools and pinpoint fans to make them help to get to their town. This is also an old thing that was used before called street teams that worked very well in The 90s.

Even have a Q&A live on Facebook could get fans from just fan to superfan. Yes, you have to be persistent and also allow you to have just a small number of fans in The beginning.

Everything here is just to get The fans to be seen. That is all you have to do to turn them to superfans.

A Journey starts with a step. A fanbase with a fan.

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