Monday, January 14, 2019

You think you look professional, but the errors shine through.

This is a hard thing to escape. It's in the details you see a lot of mistakes. The time you see this is when an artist takes steps between levels in their careers and are new to certain standards and use either old or too new standards.

It comes with things the artist think is professional. Things they expect or have heard you should do. Like that big stars usually have in their raiders that the gig place should just have blue m&m:s in the dressing room in the rider. they don't know why, but since this big artist has it well then I'm at that level too, so put in blue m&m:s there.

Of course, the artist far away to just have extensive rider so putting in just blue m&m:s in it just makes it amateurish. Okay, I will tell the reason why they do that. Is not that they like the blue m&m:s best, or that they want to be big egos. It's a way to check if they have read their rider closely. If the blue m&m:s are there then they know the rest is there so they don't need to check everything again. That is why they put in "a trap" in the rider.

In a big production yes it has a function. For the local artist just getting a gig that is just stupid. Here it just screams that the artist thinks too much about themselves or that they just don't know and has followed some advice from someone that really don't know why and think it is a coll things to put stuff like that on the rider.

The problem is that is so many ways to give these small things away. And advice is just to keep to the things you know and stop listening to other artists that just things are cool.

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