Friday, January 4, 2019

A good song is not enough.

I was in negotiation with a record label around an artist contract. In the end, when everything was done I remembered that they hadn't listened to the new demos.

- The songs will be good, they have always been good with this artist. What do you think of the new songs?, said the label.
- They are great especially these four new ones. I answered.
- Then we trust you.

And most of the time that is what it is. It's the future plans, what songs have been and all the old stuff that will bring down the deal, not a good song.

Yes, your song has to be good. But in this new world even if your songs suck, but your story is right they can always buy a song from a songwriter collective. It's not like before when they wanted the artist to be the songwriter. Now it's more divided, you are an artist or a songwriter. Most of the time you are both but the songs are written in teams so you don't have to be excellent on it. There is always an excellent team waiting to help you out.

So when an artist writes that they have a good song. That is nice, but not that I will stay awake around it. Today the internet is flooded with good songs that are going nowhere. mainly because you can't listen to all good songs, even if you find a system that will sort the good ones out from all the shit that is also uploaded.

You need so much more.

One shot is not enough!

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