Thursday, January 17, 2019

Songwriting crisis?

Sweden is one of the leading countries in the world on songwriting is nothing new. One of the problem over the past years is that the view of the songwriting has overshadowed the mean of developing the artist. Right now many of these talented songwriters have to start their own artist projects to get their songs out. Problem is though that they are the good one writing songs, pretty horrible to perform songs live and being an artist.

I thought the world actually would get tired of "the swedish" sound years ago. We dominated so hard during the millennium it should have been a backlash. That never came and I just have to say that the writers have been good to navigate and be updating the sound all the time.

I was in meetings with several labels and publishers though in Sweden this week. And right now they were tired of the Swedish sound and was seeking something new. Is it trouble in paradize?
Maybe, they pointed out that the schools in Sweden mainly produced the same of students so they sounded quite much the same. That sounds they thought was boring and they are looking for something new.

Okay, this is inside Sweden so it could be a flexion inside our own industry. Maybe a movement of the next hot sound from Sweden. Or can it be that the rest of the world feel the same, the end of the Swedish sound?

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