Friday, January 18, 2019

Make you stand out!

You need to create something to stand out. If you are in a room (a normal room with people) can they tell you are a musician? Does your project have a logo?

It's not necessary but it's convenient to have these kinds of things. And most of the time they are created in a hurry just because we need them now. So here is my tip-off to start thinking and create this stuff.

As you can see in most pictures with me on a panel I usually wear a t-shirt. yes, I'm a t-shirt guy and you only see me in a suite on the Grammy award. Still even if wasn't a t-shirt guy I would do this. The shirts I have is with the clean logo of with Live at Heart or Musichelp the two companies I work for.

This means everytime people take pictures and post them my logo is shining through. So do you have your logo on your instrument case?

Don't wear your merch on stage though, but on panels or interviews or stuff where you not given the chance to keep up with your stage look.

I don't know how many times people have come up to me seeing the logo and start chatting around interesting stuff just because they could figure out who I am.

But you need to be consistent. And it takes years to build that into the mind of people. And the logo has to follow a certain pattern so it keeps being recognized by people even if you tweak it now and then.

I just went into and searched fora picture of me. This got up first and do you know what, yes there is the logo of Live at Heart. The other two...well Live at Heart NF (Evan Murry) and then Lou Plaia from ReverbNation. It's in NYC this autumn.

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