Monday, January 7, 2019

2009 and 2019 years when it all change?

Yes, 2009 was really a change year. The depression was an all-time low. A new company opened its doors called Spotify. Still many organizations were laying off people. In some cases good layoffs. Many useless people got fired and old people quit. We streamlined the industry and created new ways.

I feel the same way now. I was sending out a mail to industry people around a request working with an artist. I haven't done that in a while (usually I do it in personal ways) so I went through the list to look at the names. The list was over 1500 people. Mainly, people, I have met during the last five years. 

I was looking through the list to take off people I know not any longer worked on their position or even in The music industry. In there I took off a hundred. Then I went through all people if the actually could offer anything that was a benefit for this case. in practical they could get something done that I can't do. Here 95% of the Swedish industry was taken off. The few left, I sent a personal mail. 

Then I took off old people that really have no updates on what is going on.
After all takeoffs, I was down to 600 out of 1500. After send out I got also many automatic replies telling me that people had left their chairs or left the industry.

Then I got some answers from people that really didn't know what was going on. Things like we can put in them into sync for both master and publishing. Or old dudes that thought that just because they worked on a major we should just go for it.

Down and all it was just 350 in that address book that was interesting and updated enough to be for any use. And that was the same in 2009. It's so written on the wall that a new change has begun. Maybe even bigger than 2009.

Lika a good friend use to say "many are called, few selected“.

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